Content Delivery Network

to improve the page speed and performance

Accelerate your website performance for your business needs. To tackle the important delivery issues, NinjaSites comes with several built-in features.

Content Delivery Network

Boost Your Website's Performance with a Content Delivery Network

Geographically distributed servers that speed up the delivery of web content

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global network

Global Network

Improve your website's performance by reducing load time with the Content Delivery Network feature of NinjaSites. CDN will minimize the amount of data sent by reducing file size using techniques such as minification.

load balancing

Load balancing

Helps distribute web traffic to the nearest data center in the local area when traffic spikes. It distributes spatially the service relative to end-users to provide high availability and performance.

high guarded encryption

High Guarded Encryption

Secure all web information with NinjaSites' CDN High Guarded Encryption feature. With all six data centers safeguarded, all sites are adequately protected with firewalls and encryption.

What is Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) refers to a collection of servers that are strategically located around the world. These servers offer content from a single source to end-users with high redundancy and near-instantaneous global coverage. A CDN is an internet-based service that stores content and distributes it on-demand to users around the world. The cache content in different data centers and can speed up the delivery of webpages, images, video, and other media by delivering the data from the closest location.

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