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  • Create and post blogs to build shareable content.

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Page Builder

Build search engine-optimized web pages that are equally visually appealing and enhance your web presence like never before with page builder tools.

page builder
customized templates

Customized templates

Choose from the wide range of customizable templates to get the most visually appealing look for your web pages.

built-in templates

Built-in templates

Use built-in templates to get started in seconds. Choose the template theme and start adding blocks to create a web page.

page preview

Page preview

See page previews while and after creating pages so that you know what's been worked on and make changes accordingly.

page search

Page search

Search all pages through a centralized search functionality and search for the right pages anytime you want.

manual coding

Manual coding

Make your website more interactive by adding additional functionalities through manual coding.

add categories

Add categories

Categorize your webpages to organize them better so that you never lose track of all your assets.

in-built editor

In-built editor

Add text, media, do formatting the way you like, and much more with a robust, easy to use in-built editor.

permanent blocks

Permanent Blocks

Create permanent blocks for your pages to use them across all the pages of your website.

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Manage all your websites at one central location and be organized all the time. Manage domains and subdomains and see that on dashboard all the time.

manage websites

Manage websites

Add and manage domain settings for your website with extreme ease and without any technical assistance.

custom domains

Custom domains

Add your own domain and assign it to your website with just a few clicks and make your web presence unique

create error pages

Create error pages

Create error pages that are engaging and visually pleasing to enhance customer experience.

dns settings

DNS settings

Manage all your DNS setting at one place to make sure your website is technically sound.

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Increase website performance and improve search engine rankings like never before with SEO functionalities added into

manage seo

Manage SEO

Tell search engine what your webpage is all about by writing meta title and description while creating

keyword optimization

Keyword optimization

Assign target keywords and publish pages for those keywords for improved search rankings.

robots tag

Robots Tag

Make search engines follow certain rules on your website to ensure better SEO practices with Robots tag.

increased page speed

Increased page speed

Make your webpages load faster on desktops and mobile devices with ultimate responsiveness.

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