Advanced Website Analytics

measure and analyze the website traffic

Analyze data and reports generated by web analytics without missing any crucial data. With NinjaSites web analytics, generate reports, study, and analyze to strategize better promotional campaigns to boost revenue.

Advanced Website Analytics

Website Analytics Allows You to Track Information About Your Website Visitors

Measure, collect, analyze the data to optimize web traffic and increase conversions by integrating with analytic tools.

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content analytics

Content Analytics

Leverage analytics, content management system, and reporting tools from Content Analytics to boost your website page views. Increase engagement rate by increasing audience involvement and upgrading editorial decisions.

customer analytics

Customer Analytics

By combining useful data, deep human knowledge, and advanced technology of NinjaSites’ Customer Analytics, maximize your customer value. Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers, increase customer acquisition and retention, and provide better, more tailored experiences

open source web analytics

Open Source Web Analytics

Analytic software is essential for tracking how well your site is performing. To identify the greatest match for your business size and sector, compare verified customer ratings and reviews.

What is Website Analytics?

Website analytics helps you understand how people use and engage with your website and provides insights for optimizing performance and achieving business goals. The site owner can analyze the data to figure out where people are clicking, what they’re looking at, or what pages they’re leaving from. This information will help you determine which content is most engaging, what features work best, whether people are getting stuck somewhere on the webpage, or if the site needs to be updated.

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