Ninjasites Integrations

DNS Integration

DNS integration is a process of implementing a new DNS zone into an existing zone. A zone is a section of the Internet that defines the namespace and top-level domain for a specific range of Internet resources.

dns records

DNS Records

A group of DNS records can be compared to a business listing. That listing will provide you with a wealth of information about a company, including its location, hours of operation, and services provided, among other things.


DNS resolvers can also be set up to ensure end-user security. Content filtering, which can block sites known to spread malware and spam, and botnet prevention, which prevents contact with known botnets, are two functions that some DNS resolvers offer.

dns firewall

DNS Firewall

A DNS firewall is a technology that may provide a variety of security and performance services to DNS servers. A DNS firewall exists between a user's recursive resolver and the authoritative nameserver of the website or service they are attempting to access.

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