When trying to run a business in a competitive environment, it's easy to get carried away with certain aspects — often leading to the neglect of other factors company owners might not deem to be too important. After all, it's not easy to think about the little things when you're dealing with a hectic business schedule.

However, digital marketing is all about the little things. For example, would you happen to know what is free ssl certificate and how it plays a role in your website's overall success? It's understandable to be a little confused, especially when you already have so much to do. Not to worry though! We're here to help ensure that you understand what an SSL certificate is, as well as where you can get one for free.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

The internet can be full of jargon that might be challenging to memorize, but an SSL certificate is something you'd do well to remember. It helps websites move from the more traditional HTTP layer protocol to the more modern and secure HTTPs. You'll find that most modern websites have HTTPS, allowing them to strengthen overall website security. SSL is the protocol responsible for encrypting overall Internet traffic, ensuring that your website is protected online. It's the reason why so many businesses are getting an SSL certificate to ensure that they've moved their sites from HTTP to HTTPS.

What Is An SSL Certificate

Why Do I Need a Certificate?

Your business needs an SSL certificate. Here’s the reason why you need an ssl certificate for your website.

The SSL certificate contains all sorts of information that is used to verify your website's server identity. It includes the domain name, information about the business the certificate was issued to, the public key, and much more. It's proof that your website is the real deal, and it can help prevent individuals from harming the website by creating duplicates. In addition, it's proof that your website is secure, helping online users feel safer when they enter your website.

Learn more about ssl certificate importance and get a free ssl certificate with your chosen Website Builder to secure your website information.

Online security is a big deal, as it's all too easy for shady individuals to take advantage of companies that don't take the time to get a proper SSL certificate. That said, it can be a cumbersome process for certain business owners to get their SSL certificate, which is why we've come up with a solution in the form of NinjaSites.

What Does NinjaSites Have To Offer?

Simply put, software platforms such as NinjaSites can help you get a free SSL Certificate through . You won't have to go through hurdles to ensure that your website is protected, and you won't have to worry about taking more time than you need to get the job done. Everyone knows that time is money, and some business owners are busier than others.

It can be a hassle to have to get an SSL certificate, buy it from the original source and go through the trouble of installation. Instead of going through all of that, you can instead go for NinjaSites website builder and have everything done without any issue.

What Does NinjaSites Have TO Offer

NinjaSites Offers An Easy Solution

Aside from getting a free SSL certificate, you can also be sure that NinjaSites can help encrypt your website, boosting security and ensuring that any browser and device can access your website. It might not be very clear for those who aren't in the know, but it's not always easy to get proper compatibility with every browser and device.

Learn how to implement an ssl certificate with NinjaSites and install it before publishing your website.

NinjaSites offers an easy means to get the job done without having to push you to do anything too risky or time-consuming. It's all about looking for the easy solution that can help you save time and money by using a software program that matters. Streamline your business processes, and you're sure to prosper.


As if the benefits above weren't enough, NinjaSites can also help you build a perfect website for your company the way you want. It has intuitive drag and drop builder for easy to use, giving even inexperienced startup owners the chance to take charge when handling their primary website. Because the website is considered the last line of marketing defense, it's only right to give it the time and attention it deserves. When it comes to encryption, web security, SSL certificates, and much more, NinjaSites has you covered.

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