Web design accounts for almost 95% of a website visitor's first impression of your business. Think of it like them walking into a virtual store — the better it looks, the easier it will be to get patronized.

If you own an eCommerce store, your website should accurately represent what your brand and business are all about. It will never not get visitors, and when it does, it is unlikely they'll stick around if that website is not optimized and attractive.

This is why it is important to stay updated on the latest web design trends. Having great website designs will leave your customers with the urge to come back next time, which means they'll look out for your logo when next they're looking to shop.

Website Design in 2022

It is not easy to optimize an eCommerce website design — it requires a lot of care, and you'll need to consider how the look and feel of it will impact user experience.

You must strike a balance between functionality and form, which will enable you to attract new clients and keep your old ones satisfied.

Creating an appropriate e-commerce website is not simple, so there's no such thing as "the best" website design. Instead, you'll need to try different things then go after the ones that show positive results. But you can create best ecommerce ebsite with feature-rich ecommerce website builder.

Fortunately for you, we have curated some great web designs from which you can take your inspiration. Keep reading!

1. Bliss

Bliss is an attractive eCommerce website with a stylish web design . The company manufactures and sells various skincare products, including masks, face washes, etc.

The company also takes fabulous eCommerce product images that go up on the website, creating excitement. Just one glance at the website design will leave you feeling cheerful and optimistic, which means they are doing something right.

Everything makes a perfect blend: beautiful colors, large photos, and handy buttons. In addition, they opted for fast online hosting so elements come up quickly, which can't hurt their popularity.

2. Dress Up

This website markets a wide range of chic clothing for ladies. This e-store uses big, bold text to highlight their most recent promotions, which ultimately helps drive up eCommerce sales. The website, filled with vibrant, eye-catching images of fine female outfits, will easily discourage anyone from leaving without spending a couple of dollars first.

3. Bohemian Traders

This website can be a good inspiration for you if what you want is bohemian aesthetics. As the name implies, the website has been incorporated with a bohemian feel evident as you smoothly navigate between different clothing categories, accessories, promotions, and events. Additionally, they employed muted colors to keep user attention firmly on the clothes. The website may be nice to navigate, but sales are what they're after.

4. Boohoo

Boohoo is a major fashion brand, and they have an attractive eCommerce website design. This enterprise took time to tailor its website to provide clients with a customized shopping experience. They have a landing page video in the background, with a giant billboard announcing their latest promotion. The site is designed to grab your eye and reel you in instantly from the aesthetics to the functions.

5. Jackie Smith

This is another great example of an eCommerce website that employs bright colors in its design. The bright colors are splashed over the website, just like the products. This form of design has grown in popularity these past few years, and it will only get improved upon. You shouuld know how to make sure your website has a great user experience to drive more traffic.

6. Mahabis

Mahabis is a special eCommerce website with its entire home page designed around its goods. When users log in, they are welcomed by a slideshow of images that tells the brand's story. Besides that, the whole website boasts a clean aesthetic that allows you to browse their catalogs in peace. The aesthetic is very easy on the eyes, and the site being so detail-oriented only enhances the shopping experience for their clients.


RYDER is a classic eCommerce website which is designed by best website builde. There is nothing too special about the design but the website has a creative spin that gives it a flair. This site merges beautiful imagery and interesting copywriting to get users to act on their jumping impulse — yes, it exists.

8. Dick Moby

Dick Moby markets spectacles, and their eCommerce website design reflects that. They employed fun design elements that gave the site a unique aesthetic. Indeed the first things you'll notice are the squiggles and fun patterns rather than the glasses. Another thing that helps them stand out is highlighting their brand's story and niche. Knowing what your brand represents can help you better market it via your website.

Dick Moby

9. Moreporks

This website does things a bit differently. Logging on leads you to a hi-resolution visual of a tire, and from there, you either go straight to either a minimal store or to the ""journal."" The latter contains wonderful outdoor shots and artsy graphics, promoting a distinct brand image. Rather than focusing on their products as the centerpiece, Moreporks tells a story, cultivating a specific rugged appeal. The theme of this website is minimalism complemented with large oversized pictures — it is unique. It will not be easy to replicate if you don't have good knowledge of minimalist aesthetics.

10. Hebe

A glance at Hebe's eCommerce website shows precisely how much the company relies on its photography. Using high-quality photos is non-negotiable when dealing with modern eCommerce websites which are buiilt by feature rich website builder. This is because potential buyers can't physically see or touch your products to determine if they'll be buying. A clothing website, Hebe pays extra attention to their private label products by highlighting relevant details. They also use a thicker font, making it easy to read while adding a unique feel to the website.


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