Creating a visually appealing website with readable content is a step in the right direction. However, it is not the final step to success in your campaign. First, you have to build website using website builder and make your web page visible to a more significant part of internet users. Visibility will help to increase your brand awareness and generate more traffic, sales, and growth.

What is Website Visibility?

Website visibility entails getting your website ranked among the top searches on the internet when internet users are searching for related products. When a random internet user comes online and searches for a product or service, millions of relevant suggestions are shown. When your product or service gets displayed among the first set of suggestions, that is visibility.

What is Website Page Visibility

The goal of web visibility is to get your website ranked in the main search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo, and a host of others. The reason is that these three search engines account for over 80% of the entire search engine traffic. Most internet users either use google, Yahoo or Bing.

How to Improve Website Visibility

Do you know there are trillions of web pages online? How do you intend to get your website page ranked among the top searches?

Check out our webpage creation blog to know how to create a perfect webpage in 6 simple steps.

There are no shortcuts to improve your web page visibility. It is a long-term process, and you should follow the tips below;

The Use of Website Builder Tool

The first tip is your choice of a website builder tool. You are one step ahead when you use a functional tool in building your website. The best website builder tool will determine how sleek and professional your website will be.

It is advisable to use NinjaSites to build your website from A to Z. You do not have to start building from scratch; there are numerous templates. Whatever type of website you want to develop, you will find the best template to guide you.

The Use of Website Builder Tool

NinjaSite has built in seo feature and p age grader that will help improve the visibility of your website. These SEO graders are built and will automatically push your webpage among top searches. It would help if you did not hesitate to use NinjaSite for your website development as you stand to enjoy more features and functionality.

The Content of Your Website

Your web content is significant in improving your web page visibility. The search engine has a crawler that checks through the content of your website. It automatically pushes up websites that have rich and robust content.

Your attention to detail and use of simple language in your web content will help the search engines identify your web and rank it at the top. It would help if you used eye-catching (title) tags in your content.

Most people do not go beyond the first page of a search engine suggestion because those websites have exciting and unique content. The more your webpage is informative, the more people will refer to it. Web pages that have accurate and updated content are the toast of all. Therefore, you should ensure you update your web content regularly. Use NinjaContent All in one ai content writer tool to generate unique content for your website.

Link Recommendation

The World Wide Web is interconnected. Imagine as a book publisher, if a top university or one of the ivy league schools should link your website on their portal as one of their book suppliers or book donors. Just sit back and see how people from all walks of life will be clicking on the link to check out your library collection.

That is how a link recommendation works. The more people check your webpage from a link, the higher the search engine will rank your website and suggest it in similar searches.

Recommended links from industry players, top brands, and personalities automatically tell the search engine that your product and services are credible. This recommendation will give your webpage a higher ranking than it used to have.

Link Recommendation

Mobile-friendly website

Mobile users constitute the most significant percentage of internet users. Therefore, it would help if you considered them on your priority list when designing your website.

Some websites are not responsive on mobile devices. You will have to zoom in and out to have a clearer view of the web content. This is frustrating and would reduce the traffic that your website should generate.

No matter how rich your content is or how valuable your product and services are, the search engine will not display it among top searches if your website is not responsive on a mobile device.

The use of Long-tail keywords

Use Keywords after conducting research as it is essential for Search engine optimization. Use the Keyword research tool to get keyword recommendations tailored to your business.

For example, using long-tail keywords will help increase visibility of your website and help to reach your target audience. For example, your long-tail keyword can be location-based.

For example, if you are selling leather shoes and bags and your store is located in the US, your keyword would be “Leather shoes and bags store in the USA.”

The long-tail keyword gives precision and details to your products and services online. It will help put your web page across to the right audience.

Use your social media pages

Digital marketers know the impact of social media on their campaigns. For example, if you own an online store, one of the best ways to get people’s attention to your page is to link your webpage to your social media pages.

Checkout website building tips to create a perfect and professional website and also it will helps to improve your website visilibily.

You can also increase your website visibility by implementing a good website strategy. Always promote your website via your social media pages. You can add the link to your website on your social media pages. Those who check your social media page will not hesitate to check your website.


Getting your website visible to the right audience is very important. It would help if you devised all techniques and tools to improve the visibility of your web page.

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