Launching an online store can certainly be daunting. However, the potential rewards are incredible, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

To ensure that your eCommerce store performs well, you need the best eCommerce website builder you can find. This will lift a huge burden off your shoulders as the website builder will eliminate the hassles and allow you to start your online store as soon as possible.

There are a lot of eCommerce website builders out there to choose from, and the perfect one for you depends on your specific needs and the features you are looking for. However, even before launching your online business, it’s essential to know how you can reach as many customers as you can using the best eCommerce website builder for your needs.

Here’s what you need to know about this:

What Is an eCommerce Website Builder?

An ecommerce website builder is software that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to launch any type of online business. It doesn’t matter what you want to sell - physical products that you make yourself, digital goods, online lessons, or others; an eCommerce website builder can make it happen for you. You’ll get all the tools you need to show potential customers what you are offering and to process their payments, the shipping of products, and more.

eCommerce website builders come in many shapes and sizes. There are niche ones that cater to specific types of businesses, while others are more versatile. Some come loaded with features that may or may not come at a premium price, while others offer the basics that are perfect for beginners.

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Why Should You Use an eCommerce Website Builder?

Most of the time, an eCommerce website builder is the most convenient and fastest way to get your products and your business online and for a perfect website. These builders feature drag-and-drop eCommerce website essential components that you can use to create an entire website without knowing the basics of coding.

Of course, if you are an experienced website developer or you already have an existing website designed for you, you might not need all the functionalities offered by an eCommerce website builder. For others who are only starting or want to start from scratch again, though, eCommerce website builders are the best way to go.

We live in a time when most customers go online first before heading outside to look for what they need in a physical store. That in itself should tell you how important it is for businesses to have an eCommerce website. If you want to be found by customers, you better have an eCommerce website.

10 Ways to Reach More Customers Through eCommerce Websites

1. Ensure That It Is Mobile-Friendly

Let’s face it, a huge percentage of customers these days access the internet through their mobile phones or tablets. If you want to reach them, you need your eCommerce website to work well on mobile devices as well. You can’t afford to have your mobile visitors bounce off your eCommerce site because it’s not mobile-friendly. You can do this by selecting a website builder that makes your site responsive.

2. Put the Spotlight on Your Top Products

Customers want to know what items you are offering. They want to know what products you are proud of and which ones are the best of the best. You can highlight the product section of your eCommerce website to show which ones you are proud of much in sync with web design trends. You can also add videos and pictures of your different products to show customers what you have to offer.

ecommerce product 3. Perfect the Art of Pop-Up Sign-Up Sheets

You can use pop-up sign-up sheets to your advantage to instantly collect the email addresses of customers who visit your online store. You can offer something like a discount code or a chance to get a sneak peek of what is in the works for your shop in the future. You can even invite them to request a tailored shopping experience.

4. Don’t Overlook SEO Best Practices

You can easily boost the visibility of your eCommerce website by following SEO best practices. This includes being more descriptive with the titles of your pages, listing your store’s categories, and more such sem strategies to rank your website the best in pages. You can do this by selecting an eCommerce website builder that allows you to add SEO to your site.

5. Use Professionally Shot Images

Potential customers want to know what they are getting and how your products look. You can use professional photos to show them what they can expect when they receive your products. You can use different kinds of pictures to show your products in different ways. You can have a hero image for your homepage, product photos for your product pages, videos for your product videos, and more. None of these photos should be taken with your phone.

6. Keep the Website Simple

If you are a new eCommerce store, the last thing you want is to overwhelm your customer with too many options. Keep your website simple with just the essentials - the product, the price, and the number of units available. You can go into detail when customers click and proceed to the product page.

7. Make Sure Your Content Is Scannable and Shareable

It is vital for online stores to provide content for their customers. This way, customers will know that you know your stuff, which instills trust and boosts conversion. As a new online store looking to gain your first sale, you want to make sure your content not just gives your customers the information they need but also makes them want to share it. This will boost your reach.

8. Keep Your Users in Mind

When you are designing your eCommerce website, ask yourself - how easy is it for customers to navigate the site? How easy is it for them to find the product they need? What kind of experience will they get from your website? You can identify the pain points of your users and address them when creating your eCommerce site this would be perhaps the best website seo strategy to implement.

9. Be Transparent About the Pricing

Customers want to know how much they need to spend on your products. This should be prominently displayed on the product page. Transparency will also show that you are confident about your products and their prices so that customers will trust you more.

10. Focus on Your Goal: To Increase Sales

You might already be thinking about increasing your sales. This is the ultimate goal any eCommerce website builder should help you achieve. The website builder you choose should help you with user experience, load time, search engine optimization, and other factors that contribute to driving more sales.


As you can see, there are many ways to reach more customers through eCommerce websites. You should have a nice head start if you’ve already chosen an eCommerce website builder. You can also implement the information you’ve learned in this article to improve your eCommerce website’s user experience and make your first sales.

You might be thinking that getting your first sale is the hardest part of all. It is, but no more impossible than what you’ve already accomplished. Start your eCommerce store today using the best ecommerce website builder from NinjaSites. Sign up today and get started for free!

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