What are the Features of Website Building Software?

NinjaSites offers the ultimate features to build a website without much effort. Here are the features of website building software to be considered.


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What Makes the Best Website Builder Software?

The website development has entered into a new transition. The predefined templates, drag-and-drop options, SEO-friendliness, third-party integrations, plugins, real-time insights about the list of errors, and many more are emerging within a website building software. One of them, NinjaSites is enriching organizations by making them build the website easily for their industry. NinjaSites by 500apps comes with many inbuilt features and a few of them are enlisted here. Indeed, website building has become playful as it’s quite challenging to deal with the rapidly pacing technological adaptation and transformation. So, to tune to these aspects, an online website builder meets the needs of every business; be it a B2B or B2C.

website building software features

1. Templates & Themes: The online website builder has a suite of hundreds of predefined templates that give the structure to your website. The key elements needed are already in place so that adding new pages would not involve effort. Themes, at the other end, reflect the visual representation. Both are customizable as NinjaSites come with repositioning the elements.

2. Feasibility for Code Development: The days are gone to master the multiple programming languages while building a website. The website building tools come with less code development and more sophistication. You can build a website using drag-and-drop interfaces reflecting professionalism for the business you’re operating into. Do the backend or front-end coding when required and make the website compatible across all the devices. NinjaSites is one such platform to make your website a compelling one.

3. Right Fit for Every Business Type: Based on the type of business, website structure changes and if your business is into e-commerce, then you would know the website structure that’s needed.

B2B business must be service-centric along with the community. So, the storage space and website outlook completely vary. An online website builder has to meet the needs of every business and which is the great feature of NinjaSites.

4. Plugins: The website needs to have the plugin integration to optimize, analyze, and draw the status. WordPress-like website building platforms come with Yoast SEO kind of plugins and NinjaSites too, can integrate the plugins into it to handle respective aspects.

Time trackers, forms, live chats, etc., are all the plugins that support the website. Choose the plugins that are helpful for your business, customers, clients, and target audience. Too many plugins can be, but ultimately it leads to messiness.

5. Integrations: If a website has constraints to embed the other dependable applications through which your online business creates an impact, then the website remains unranked and stays at the bottom line. The third-party applications have to integrate and the feasibility to add these integrations is what a website building software has to provide.

NinjaSites, for instance, can integrate as many applications as possible. You have to choose the apps by evaluating a few aspects: 1. What does the app offer me? 2. Will it be helpful for my website? 3. Is it worth being embedded? 4. How the functionality can boost my business?

6. Image & Video Gallery: An element that resumes every visitor, sparks interest, and engages oneself to navigate from one page to the other is a gallery. An online website builder has to have an image and video gallery. Whatever the images, videos, animations, and GIFs go live, the obvious storage folder would be the gallery. This would be helpful for future purposes.

7. Social Profile Integration & Sharing: There is no question about the absence of social buttons. Every website builder has social buttons where on activating the link, they would display and when the visitor clicks, your engaging profile is highlighted. Take your leads to the social pages by placing the social buttons that NinjaSites offers.

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8. Blog: - Bloggers enjoy this page the most. Blog writing is where you - Say about the latest trends happening within your industry - Give information about your products and inner technological aspects - Introduce the technical aspects involved - Rank your website in the search engines by targeting the right keywords - Showcase your brand and reflect the same in social media channels -Give a detailed script about why you exist and what you share -The blog page must be user-friendly and has to give a score of readability. This way a blog page goes successful thus making it easier for the end-user who comes in. Based on the title search, the related topics can be suggested to make the blogs more engaging.

9. Analytics & Reports: The website building software must give you insights on the number of visitors, the most engaging web pages, the most engaging content, and the popularity of the website. Here third-party analytical tools help you a lot to understand how your website is engaging a particular audience. Make a choice and derive the analytics to focus on optimizing scenarios. NinjaSites as a website building software is known for all the above-mentioned features. The business acceleration depends on how well you reflect the brand identity through a single website. In fact, that adds value to pace in the digital arena. Choose the amazing online website builder and let your website magnetize the eyes of the audiences that come at an unbelievable value where you can customize and personalize as you needed. 500apps is here with a best-in-class 30+ app suite to serve the best and make you grow.


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