What is a Website Building Software?

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What Makes the Best Website Builder Software?

Creating a website is the core of any business. To showcase to the clients or to make an impression among the audience, be it a B2B or a B2C; a startup or a huge organization, where 30,000+ employees work, a website reflects brand identity, updates about the company, gives a portfolio about the organization, lets the employees be aware of work culture, and most importantly, gives a perspective to envision the company’s future and its core services or solutions. A website building software serves the purpose of every above aspect and enriches the individuals to connect more.

NinjaSites is known for its simplicity yet compelling advanced features to build the right website for your business. The probability of growing and building a brand in online competition is the highest now but at the same time, your choice of adding a value proposition for an online business ultimately decides where you stand in near future.

Businesses choose to build websites with many inner pages either to build a brand or to connect with the more target audience for their business. The pandemic effect has revolutionized businesses to cheer up online platforms. From a startup to a large organization, a website on its name is copyrighted. A website builder allows you to list out the services or solutions you offer by easing the end-user experience and boosting customer engagement. In the end, all the business's fortune is to build a higher client base and become proud of the mastery-level service that they reflect through various dimensions, ways, and verticals.

what is website building software

5 Things to Know on How to Create a Website Building Software from the bottom line

The understanding of an online website builder is never new. But, there’s a dilemma, especially for the startups. Using NinjaSites, developing a website is simpler. Here are the steps to build a website from the bottom and make it fully functional and user-friendly with the help of NinjaSites by 500apps.

1. Choose the right website builder Selecting a website builder out of the multiple vendors is a challenging task. There are many website providers such as NinjaSites, WordPress, Wix, etc., and every online website builder is unique in its case. In this case, we have to consider the responsiveness of the website, search engine standards in terms of SEO, user-friendliness, interface, navigation from page to page, internal links, social media platform connections, redirects, and much more.

2. Identify the purpose of the website

• 2A. Why do you need a website?

• 2B. What’s the purpose of it?

• 2C. Is it because of building a brand identity?

• 2D. Is it because you want to drive more sales through enhancing engagements?

• 2E. Identifying and answering these is the most crucial part to hit the right target online.

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3. Determine the domain Based on the purpose of business and the above aspects, the domain can be named. The domain name should reflect either your vision or the company name. The domain names can be multiple inside the website to reflect the various solutions or services you offer. While determining the domain, it’s also necessary to consider the HTTPS:// for your website. The SSL certification and yearly plan keep your website safe and users can open anywhere they could. Another point to note is the target location of your business. The domain name varies on the company policies such as profitable or non-profitable, local or global, etc. These points drive you to determine the domain names for your website.

4. Choose a Template NinjaSites come with a lot of predefined templates or simply you can add your own. Its customizability to simplify the website development simpler and easier. The convenient addition of graphical or animation elements, videos, images, and much more with the drag-and-drop interface is all that most individuals expect. Hence, we have directed in the same route to boost user experience.

5. Customize as per the Needs The customizable options are available in the online website building software. Either you can code as per the requirements in the front-end as well as back-end or you can play with the existing options. Change the font, color, animations, or add HTML pages with the help of NinjaSites. Moreover, there might be changes that fall in place. And, for your convenience, you have the flexibility to tune the website as per the needs.


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