What Pop-Up Ad Mistakes Can Hurt Your Conversion Rate?

Pop-up ads are the most annoying way to attract a target customer. Avoid these mistakes to boost your conversion rate. Here are the mistakes you should avoid.


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We all spend considerable amounts of our time on the web. Consequently, we're also subject to many ads a website could show us in an attempt to buy something from them. However, perhaps the most annoying ad is the pop-up, which can intrude on your browsing activity.

There's nothing wrong with pop-up ads. They can be effective when done right, and they have a considerable success rate that's on par with other types of ads. However, their intrusive nature causes users to exit a site, leading to a drop in the ad's success rate. Furthermore, a website's conversion rate is affected because users lose interest. The website could rank lower in search engine results pages (SERPs), affecting a business's performance in the digital space.

For this reason, website owners should be wary of making mistakes when running pop-up ads. These include:

1. Presenting a Full-Page Pop-up Ad

A full page pop-up is an opposite of what any user wants. Full page pop-ups are the web equivalent of being forced to wait in line for a product before you can enter the shop.

Businesses tend to present full-page pop-ups because users often claim they don't click on them. However, this is a comment that's usually offered in frustration. In reality, users are likely to click on full-page ads if they're presented in the right way. The most effective pop-up ads appear in the bottom right corner of a website. The user can switch them off if they feel the ads are annoying, and the ads offer a quick way to exit the site.

2. Using Pop-ups Only

Pop-ups can be effective when used alone. However, pop-up ads can become more effective when using a separate ad. For instance, if you're running a pop-up ad, you can use a second, more aggressive ad to follow on from the first ad.

Both ads may appear to be separately placed, and they can provide the user with multiple offers in a short amount of time. The user is more likely to see the benefits of your products if they connect with them in quick succession.

3. Not Clarifying What the CTA Can Do

A successful pop-up ad offers a user a clear motive for clicking on it. Since users control whether they click on the ad, they need to see an apparent reason to do so.

The main goal of a pop-up ad is to get the user to visit your website. However, the pop-up ad shouldn't include a direct call to action (CTA). A CTA should take the user into a new window, but the pop-up should give enough information about the website's goals. If the pop-up doesn't do this, it can lead to a high bounce rate, costing customers.

4. Showing a Pop-up at the Wrong Time

Most people access social media and other digital platforms on their mobile devices. As a result, you can simultaneously present your ads to people as they find them on social media. This can increase your ad's reach, and it can help your ads stand out more than other ads.

However, if you're presenting a pop-up at an inconvenient time, users will be likely to close it. This could be because of a misinterpretation of your ad, or they want to access the content.

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5. Not Having a Clear Way of How to Close a Popup Ad

An effective pop-up ad doesn't interrupt a user's activity. Therefore, it needs to have a clear CTA. This can entail a CTA that takes a user to another page, or it could mean a one-touch CTA that closes the ad instantly. Regardless, a user should be able to complete a pop-up concisely and not ruin their experience.

6. Not Respecting Users' Choices

The internet is an interactive space, so it shouldn't be surprising that it's often the users who determine how things happen. Therefore, you need to respect a user's choice to pay attention to your pop-up or opt out of it. If users think your pop-up ad is intrusive, they will leave your site immediately.


Pop-up ads can increase an ad's conversion rate. However, they can also cause the user to leave a website. It would help if you avoided the above mistakes when running these ads. You can increase your ad's likelihood of success, improving your ROI when you do.

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