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All-in-One Website Builder

Build personalized landing pages, websites, and blogs for unlimited domains with built-in templates and our SEO grader.

Super Fast and Secure Websites

Publish your websites in six distributed locations for super fast page speed. Boost customer confidence with free SSL certificates.

Professional SEO Grader

Your customers are already searching for you — become present to them with our built-in SEO grader that improves the visibility of your sites.

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Build a Custom Website That Grows With Your Business

With your logo and brand's image in mind, this tool will empower you to create responsive, fast, and user-friendly websites with NinjaSites' pre-built templates.

Website Builder

Website Builder

Create and Manage Websites

Build custom websites and pages with NinjaSites' website builder by harnessing the built-in templates with our simple drag-and-drop method. Stand out from the crowd.

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Built-in SEO

Built-in SEO

Improve Rankings of Websites

Increase your websites' organic traffic and manage SEO strategies. Generate targeted pages to drastically improve rankings and website performances.

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Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Establish Encrypted Connnections

Get free TLS/SSL certificates for your websites without the hassle and extra costs often associated. Keep personal information and transactions secure through our SSL encrypted files.

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Web Forms

Web Forms

Embed Forms for Websites

Create unique, high quality forms quickly and effortlessly using Select from the ready-made web form templates library and customize it for your brands.

Learn more about Web Forms

Custom 404 Page

Custom 404 Page

Generate 404 Error Pages

Easily customize personalized 404 pages to interact with users. Create interactive and engaging 404 pages to lower bounce rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Custom 404 Page

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains

Configure Multiple Domains

Create domains and subdomains according to your requirements for a website. After launching domains and subdomains, create their respective DNS.

Learn more about Unlimited Domains

Custom HTML

Custom HTML

Customize Your Website Design With Coding

Create the webpages with help of coding. you can write a code or edit the given code according to your requirement.

Learn more about Custom HTML

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network

Improve Site Speed

NinjaSites gives you the most comprehensive blanket of protection with bonus features like site acceleration and optimization.

Learn more about Content Delivery Network

CSS and Javascript

CSS and Javascript

Create Custom Website

Create your web pages or sites using the NinjaSites built-in feature of CSS, and Javascript, which makes your website more efficient and attractive.

Learn more about CSS and Javascript

Image Library

Image Library

Quickly Upload Your Image

Image library in NinjaSites where you can store your photos and upload your own and customized images for uploading them into your website or webpage.

Learn more about Image Library

Content Management System

Content Management System

Manage Your Content With Cms

Access your content for business website with NinjaSites build-in feature you can edit and manage content for your business website.

Learn more about Content Management System

Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Measure, Evaluate, Analyze of Website Data

Web analytics is a valuable tool for every company that has website. Adjust potential consumers' online interactions with websites to improve purchases by tracking how they engage with them.

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Insert Desired Sections in the Website

Create blocks with the help of the builder, for reusability and rapid access in pages.

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Change Your Website Overall Look, Feel and Style of Website

Choose Default themes and attract your users to your website.

Learn more about Themes

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4 stars rating
1000+ reviews - TrustScore 4.9 out of 5
Great Platform for a proper organised B2B and B2C experience with ease.

Jonathan Pimento

5 stars rating
When you learn to navigate through it, it's a pretty good software.

Giovanna Pergher

5 stars rating
I had a question about how to make the most of a campaign, and was helped in a very kind and gracious way. I learned something new.

DNP Inc.

5 stars rating
Love this Responsive and very helpful support team. Great price and brilliant features

Nic Jude

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5 Misconceptions About No-Code Website Builders

Using a no-code website builder will allow you to create a website using default templates and a drag-and-drop system, making it easier to develop websites in less time. With a no-code website builder, you can create a website in minutes.

15 Creative Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business

There have to be innovative generating quality leads. Such a strategy is important because conventional lead generation values could stop yielding results due to factors outside your control

11 Web Design Trends to Look for in 2021

Web design trends keep keep growing and changing. To keep up to date on the latest web design trends of 2021, click here.

13 Great Tips to Improve Website User Experience

Website user experience is quite key to having a successful online presence. If you're having any difficulty with your website UX, these great tips are sure to help out.

14 Tips to Optimize User Flow on Your Website

User flow optimization is an excellent way to make any site better while maintaining the user as the focus. Here are a few great tips you can use to optimize user flow on your website.

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What is a Website Building Software?

Build an online presence using NinjaSites in five simple steps. Create your website using website building software without the need for much coding.

What is a Website Builder?

Many web hosting services offer built-in site builders, making it easy to do all your website creation tasks in one place. However, most if not all website developers host your site as part of their overall package on their servers, so you may never come across the word "web hosting" as it is an unspoken thing.

How to Build a Website From Scratch?

How can you build a website? Here are the four ultimate and proven ways to build a website that exactly suits your business.

What are the Features of Website Building Software?

NinjaSites offers the ultimate features to build a website without much effort. Here are the features of website building software to be considered.

How Website Building Software Helps B2B Companies?

Consider your B2B website to be your company's digital storefront - it is the simplest way for you to get your products and services in front of interested parties. It's your chance to explain your USP in detail and emphasize the business benefits your solutions may bring.

What Is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are often used to sell products or products. They offer a single goal for the visitor to accomplish - signing up for an email list.

How to Build a Great Landing Page?

There is a special recipe (put together and perfected by inbound marketers all over the world) that you should follow to increase your odds of conversion on the landing page.

What do You Need Before Creating a Landing Page?

One of the first steps in creating a successful landing page is to plan out the content and design your services ahead of time

What are the Features of Website Builder?

Website creators are a great advantage if you have multiple customers - whether it's a corporate site, blog, landing page, e-commerce, e-mail shop, or portfolio - because you don't have to set up design, back-end access, and hosting configuration from scratch every time.

What are the Benefits of Website Builder?

Hiring an agency or freelancer to design and develop your website is a good investment, but it can be expensive. In addition, you need to pay for a web host to ensure that your site stays online.

Why do Businesses Choose Codeless Website Builder?

NinjaSites is one of the best-known brands of website building tools and is ideal for artists and photographers to develop professional websites.

How does Website Builder help in Building Ecommerce Websites?

If you have more complex needs, want to take advantage of simple computer studies, and need a builder, try a platform like NinjaSites.

How Do You Create a Website Pop-up?

Pop-up websites are used in website builder they help you get sine-up and pop-up websites will help you to advertise you products on your site.

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